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Hey just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Wade, a culinary hobbyist I guess you could say.  I just picked up some fresh salmon from the Philadelphia Lobster & Fish market, still trying to figure out how I should prepare it tonight. I'm also going to be cooking Romanesco for the first time, pretty excited about that!  I'll probably sauté it with some garlic herb oil and add garnish with some freshly shaved parmesan.  I also have some leftover ginger broth from making a gingery sweet potato soup last night, I think I'll use that to cook brown rice as a second side, should be pretty tasty.  Any recommendations on how to prepare the salmon?  I have two 6 ounce skin on filets. 


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Hi Wade, and welcome to Chef Talk.  Sorry I didn't see your post sooner or I would have given you some advice.  So how did you prepare your salmon and how did it come out?

Hopefully, our slow response has not deterred you from checking out the rest of the forums and the site.  Let us know how your dinner came out!!!

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