Hello, I am new here. :)

Joined Jan 12, 2017
Hello, and thank you for allowing me to join. I am CountryCakeLady......I am a legal licensed inspected bakery home based , we have a total kitchen dedicated to that. :). I love to bake and recently completed a 60 hour Culinary Arts 1 course at the local community college....I learned so much in that 60 hours! :) I have always loved to cook and bake and am always learning more.....I live in the country with my dh and our chickens and a little dog who is a joy. :)
Joined Jun 27, 2012

I imagine you poked around a bit before joining but if you get stuck (or just want to interject an IMO) feel free....

Lots of great stuff in the archives and the advanced search feature is pretty simple to navigate.


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