Hello I am new here and new to baking cookies

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I found your forum on line when I was searching for a place where I can post my baking questions. I am new to baking have made a couple of cookies before and some come out good some not to good. But recently I purchased a book called 100 cookies same recipe or something like that /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif.

I have started to bake and so far have made two different cookies from the book, the first ones I played with the recipe and substitute a lot of the ingredients like sugar and and flour. 

The reason I want to find a forum is to find tips on how to become a better at making cookies and what things I can or cannot substitute.

Three reasons I would like to substitute ingredients:

1. Trying to eat things that are low in calories but still enjoyed them

2. Do not want my kids high on sugar but want them to like my cookies

3. My mom is diabetic and when ever I bake she likes to eat what I make but I do not want to feel guilty that she is eating too much sugar. 

So hoping that I could find those answers here. 
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Hi BakingMom and welcome to Chef Talk! Your questions are ones for which many people will want to hear answers. I hope you'll post them in the General Baking and Pastries forum so the maximum number of people can see them and respond. You're welcome to read in the Professional Baking forums, but as home cooks, you and I should't post there. Try using the search tool to find older discussions on this and other topics. You may learn from those older posts, too.

Good luck with your efforts! I hope you'll visit and contribute often.


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