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well it's been just over three months since I started as the Head of Catering things are going mostly ok. Got my benefits and start accruing vacation and sick pay. My friend that got me the job kind of turned into a bit of a jerk....he's been mellowing out this last month, mostly due to his parents house selling and him getting a good chunk of inheritance. He is going to start his own catering company and it looks like I am going to get promoted to his job as Head Chef.

So far I am liking Corporate cooking for the most part. Some of the product frustrates me a bit (we actually have some sort of fake McRib, gah!) and being limited to ordering what the top Exec Chef has decided for the whole company makes for a bit of frustration. otherwise I work mon-fri and am always off work by 2pm and avg about a 32-38 hour work week.

let's see...divorce has gone smooth just waiting for the paperwork to be final. We both still talk and even my sister-in-law still likes me...at least as much as she ever did. going to be getting my computer back together soon,  I have been using an itouch for messages and such and Cheftalk is just too big for it.

Will be popping in more and more, hope everyone has a great week.
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Hey Gunnar,

  It was good to see your name again! Hope all is well and good to have you around.

Don't know about you, but when I came after a 4 yr. leave, it felt good.

Wishing you the same feeling.

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