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Hi Everyone! I am a cooking junkie, and now living abroad I have to get really creative in my kitchen.  Not only am I experimenting with the stove top, but for the first time I have taken up baking because I cannot find a lot of the breads I was used to purchasing from the store in the US.  Look forward to sharing with you and learning from you!
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Hello RachelCorrine! Welcome to Chef Talk. We have a good number of expats among our members; we hear about "how can I find a substitute for XXX" a lot! In fact, you may find some answers by using the search tool, as someone else may have been trying to recreate the product or flavor you're looking for.

How did you come to be a "cooking junkie"? Was there someone who inspired you to learn?

Have a look at the wikis, cooking articles, photo galleries, etc. We've got a lot more here besides our discussion forums. Good luck, and we hope to see you often.


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