Hello hello!

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I'm Megan, and just joined today :D

I'm 16, and fell in love with baking just this april,

I really enjoy it, however, and would love to own my own cafe selling baked goods, coffee and smoothies :)

I'm into making everything not only absolutely delicous, but healthy and mostly organic too ^^
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Hello Megan! We're glad to have you here. There's so much to explore and learn... and, we hope you share too. We think everyone has something to share, regardless of background, experience, age... whatever.

Home cooks like you and I can read to our hearts' content in the professionals' forums, but we must leave the posting there to the pros. However, we can post in the General forums, and the pros will see your posts there. Since you're interested in starting a bakery/coffee shop, I recommend you read in the professional forums so you get an idea of what obstacles you may face and how this community can help you.

Let a moderator know if you have questions about the board or the rest of the site. Who knows? You could be one of the CT members who got inspiration and support to open a successful food business. Good luck!

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Welcome to the community.  I think you are going to find this to be a friendly place to learn.  

D. Clay
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