Hello guys!

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Just found this website and I'm very excited and filled with expectations. Please let me, if some of you notice any language mistake. I am 34 and I have a girl 2 yrs and a boy. old. And baking since I was 10. When my twins were born, and I remained at home, I truly discovered what a powerful ressource the Web is, also I heard zillions of things. I baked my first batch of cakes, and that I purchased my first american recipes publication... So many discoveries since then... So many that I will be opening this year my own coffee shop where we will be baking from apple pie, banana cake, danish pastries to chocolate chip cookies and biscotti. Delicious recipes I've accumulated in this two yrs. , choosen from the I tried. They are so diffrent from the portuguese traditional pastries.
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Welcome qeras89!

Passion and enthusiasm are main ingredients in cooking for others. Sounds like you have them!

If you have questions, provide enough details to get good answers.
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