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Hi All,

I’ve been posting a couple of threads on this forum, but I haven’t properly introduced myself yet.

My apologies……

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I decided that I needed to expand my horizons and after having lived and worked (in horticulture) in several countries,

I’m now finding myself in Zambia as a lodge owner.

This lodge is right on the Zambezi River. I’m looking at the hippo’s while writing this!

We have a small restaurant here as well. I’ve trained my staff to do the cooking in the kitchen, and they are getting quite good at this (although lacking a bit of speed).

I normally do the specials myself, but consider this much more home-cooking than anything else.

My favourite food is SE Asian, but I like almost anything else as well (as long as it is not bland).

I can’t remember how I stumbled across this forum. What I do know is that I like it here. There is a lot of info around and the members seem happy to part with their knowledge

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Hello Butzy

Welcome to Cheftalk.  I think you must be our first member from Zambia - although we have members from all round the globe (including the Netherlands) - I'm Scots!  Our weather is quite bad at the moment, I envy you the sunshine, although I like it warm, not hot - put it down to my red hair and fair celtic skin!

We have all levels of expertise on here - so you will find an answer to most questions you may have.  Feel free to start your own thread or jump in on those you find of interest.  The blogs, photogrqaphs and articles on here are also well worth a look.

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