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Hello, wanted to introduce myself, my name is Robert and I am a new chef at a private club catering to veterans their spouses and families.

Recently my boss and culinary student herself was let go and I find myself in the position of being the only paid chef at our private club. I find myself in the weeds frequently as I'm having to basically start from the ground up and make my own standard operating procedures. (No such SOP existed before me...) These include sales reports, inventory reports, standard recepies, food costs, ordering product and creating weekly/monthly menus. Luckily, I have a small horde of volunteers who rally to help me with parties, receptions, large events (like feeding 300 people for Veteran's Day) and our monthly meals.

I have no culinary school experience and I'm basically just a cook with skills. I love to learn as much as I can and I strive to make myself a better Chef, so I can give back to my brothers and sisters in arms. I hope that this forum, this resource, will aid me on this quest! I thank you all for your expertise!


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