Hello from wv, va, ky, tn.

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Worked in a couple kitchens for a few years. Been lucky enough to have patient teachers who were open enough to give me a chance. Southern appalachian soulfood naturally pours from my fingertips. I have a ton to learn about everything but have some very good experiences I can share. I also know a tad about knives and philosophy and the philosophy of knives. Ive creeped on the site for a couple weeks, so far everything is just right. I joined this forum instead of going to culinary school so ANY AND ALL advice is welcome even if its entirely random. Itd be cool to meet new people and share some ideas.
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Good morning and welcome to Chef Talk @thymeonmyhands  (took me a minute to decipher your screen name but made me smile once I got it figured out lol).

Someone once posted the collective knowledge of Chef Talk members was equal to some ridiculous amt of hours spent taking culinary classes.

Knowledge that is freely shared without thought of anything in return.



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