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Hello everyone!

I am Amanda and I have only in the last year at 42 years old found out that cooking and baking are a passion of mine. For many years I told everyone how much I hate being in the kitchen, and now you cant get me out. I am always trying something new. Always making it my own. Learning what spices are, even cayenne pepper!

I am a mom of 3 older children, and my boyfriend has 5 children, so I am always cooking big meals and loving it. I usually have 3-4 projects on the go in the kitchen and so far, everyone has been a fan of my cooking.

I would love to go back to school and change careers but I do have to work full time(I am presently an office manager at a vet hospital), so I would like to find some really good online classes to start with. Any suggestions?

Thank you


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Welcome Amanda glad you joined Cheftalk. My advice to you is the same for everyone. It is entirely two different worlds for those who love to cook and those who love to cook professionally. Do not spend a lot of money switching to a culinary career without first working in the business for at least six months but preferably a year. It can be a tough life and it is especially tough on the family unless you want to open up a bakeshop with your family. I have seen it work and work well. Hope that is helpful to you. 
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Hi Amanda...you came to a good place for learning... the accumulated knowledge of all the CT members is huge and I have yet to come across anyone who would not share freely.

There are all sorts of tutorials on you tube (free) as well as sites that charge fees.

https://www.craftsy.com/ is one I used for a sewing project but they have tons of food related vids as well.

I am not much of a reader learner (watch one do one teach one is more my style /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif  ) and IMO the value was equal to the knowledge I received.


Look around here on CT as one of the sponsors does the whole cooking tutorials thing and I remember thinking at the time what a great idea it was.

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