Hello from way up north.

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37 years old, been cooking since I lied about my age to gain entry into a kitchen at 14.

I have worked every position imaginable in food establishements, from fry cook to server to bartender to graveyard shift baker. Fine dining line cooking to fine dining banquets. From apprentice to Chef.

I have thought about getting out of this business many times, to get into something with better money, better hours, more of a life... but I simply can't. It's in my blood.

I believe in simple food, cooked simply, and I believe that the only skill required for this trade is a love for food. Real love. The kind of love that makes one realize that a handmade hamburger needs just as much skill and attention to detail as a rack of lamb. I have no time for snobbery in the kitchen, or pretentious posturing.

I believe that humility is the most important virtue in a cook, and a virtue that is rapidly vanishing  from the industry, led by flamboyant television Pied Pipers that do my trade no credit.

I believe that the trade has gotten away from it's roots. Gotten away from the basics.
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Welcome to ChefTalk, Prairie Chef

Not sure which 'way up north' to which you refer - I'm from Scotland, which is 'way up north' from England - but suspect the word 'Prairie' means you mean somewhere in the North American continent?!

I couldn't agree more regarding simple foods, cooked well...  one of my favourite chefs in Scotland is Nick Nairn, who believes wholeheartedly in that premise.

We have the full range of cooking abilities here, from those just starting out on their culinary journey, through enthusiastic amateurs (me, for instance!) to masterchefs.

Please feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own.  New views are always welcome here!  I hope you will have time to look at some of our articles here and view some of the photography. They are truly interesting,
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There are quite a few of your here, especially from the GTA and Montreal Area /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

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