Hello from Tokyo

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As a first timer at the Chef talk Cafe, just want to say hello and send my Greetings from Tokyo around the world

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Welcome to Chef Talk, Christian. We have many chefs from around the world- I'm sure you have found the Global Chefs forum by now. Please stop in there and make some new friends!

Please tell us a bit more about your culinary self. What type of food are you preparing in Tokyo? And most important of all, have you met any of the Iron Chefs?? :p

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Hello chefchristian welcome.

I had a friend who lived in Tokyo,he was an infamous author called James Havoc, sadly he went on an artistic long drinking binge & dissapeared.

Do you cook.
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Dear Mezzaluna & Mike

thanks for your note, sorry for the late reply, as I just returned from a lazy week in Guam

Well - I am working here in tokyo at the Hilton as Exec.Sous Chef.
looking after all the Western Food Production and doing many many Promotions here.
In fact, Mezzaluna, I have met 2 Iron Chefs, realy nice guys, the only problem, they don't speak english ( and no Swiss too.....)

to you mike, never heard of your friend James, as tokyo is just too big and has many expats. Besides, it doesn't take much here to get carried away with party, drinking etc ( as long as you have the $$$$) as this place is steaming....trust me

so - for now

Sayonara, Chris
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Guam eh.... I was reading an article only yesterday about Guam. It mentioned that the government employs people to deflower virgins who have to pay !!! Is this true & where can I get an application form. How mad is that.
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hey mikey,,,,, you got those viking helmets polished yet? go ahead and send an application my way old boy. and greetings to you christian. welcome :bounce:


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Welcome to Chef Talk Christian!

I envy you to live in Japan. I've always been fascinating by Japan and I hope one day I will be able to travel to Japan.
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