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Hi. I am Ethalfrida and I cook a lot and am trying to acquire new skills. One of those is fermentation. I prefer to use healthy ingredients and have put a great deal of reading into finding which products work for me nutrition-wise.

Recently I've begun to brew ginger ale and am very happy with the results. I started with Kombucha which helped cut my love of strong fizzy drinks. Then discovered ginger bugs. Now it seems making butter is a favorite. 

I am hoping there is going to be a lot of information here that can be used to meet my cooking goals.
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Check out http://www.saltedtv.com/

Looks to be a promising site for both beginners as well as those with a bit more experience.

Video lessons by some really solid chefs.

Sort of a Craftsy for the serious home cook.

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That does look interesting. Thanks for the reference and will probably look at it more later. I do Craftsy rignt now.

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