Hello from the philippines! i come in peace.

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    Whats up everyone,

    I am an average student here in the Philippines, seeking new things about the culinary industry. We have limited and expensive resources here, that's why i want to expand more of my knowledge by reading and joining few blogs and forums. Even though its tough to start a career here as a chef i still want to continue reaching my goal and fulfilling my dream to become one.

    So i hope i can acquire some tips and techniques that can help me with my future. and also meet new friends:)
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    Welcome to Chef Talk.

    You are so right!  Living in some rural counties can be a challenge, we’re happy that you found all of us.

    Join the conversation or start a thread of your own, on that I might suggest that you do a search at the top of the page to find any previous discussions on the topic.  The Articles, Reviews and Galleries are fantastic, oh and the Special Guest Forum makes for a good read.

    Once you’ve gone over the FAQ, Tutorials and Community Guidelines and you have questions in regards to the website, you can post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.  You can also find Cheftalk.com on Face Book.