Hello from the Finger lakes!

Joined Jul 28, 2015
Hi everyone, my name is Zac Smith (Zaxmyth, get it?) i am 29, from the Finger Lakes region in Upstate NY, i have been cooking professionally for just under ten years, most of which was spent at an upscale Restaurant/Banquet venue and as the Sous Chef under my mentor for the last 4. I just accepted my first position as a Head Chef in a restaurant that has only been open for a couple months. I discovered this website while looking for ideas on how to motivate existing staff as not only a new boss, but as an outside hire to an "established" team as well. Looking forward to getting to know some chefs, foodies, recipe addicts, etc while discovering some new things to learn. In the culinary field, if you ever stop learning or feel like you know everything, it's time to get out.
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