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    I'm nearing 40 and have been spending a lot of time trying to be more healthy.  One part of that has been to take up cooking as a much more seriously and hope to provide more healthy meals for my family.

    Right now my wife's mother and grand mother (99 in oct) live with us and our 4.5 year old son.

    I wanted to say thank you to everyone on the forums. I have been doing a lot of searching into past posts and have learned a lot over the last few months.

    Thanks to this forum I found rouxbe.com and have started using their lessons as a framework for learning some basic techniques.  I also was able to find the names of quite a few cookbooks from previous threads that go into more technique, rather than just a lot of recipes. 

    Thanks to the many threads on knives, I was able to see that none of my knives are sharp (still deciding how I want to sharpen them) and that I already had a few of the basic ones I need.  A 5-6" petty, 10" slicer, pairing and a bread knife I have are all serviceable. I went out and got a Victorinox chef knife (10") as well. I have been focusing on learning to properly use those 5 as my starter set.

    I've been reading some of the cookware discussions and went out and got my first non nostick cookware piece (a reasonably priced 10" tri-ply SS/Aluminum skillet) to start practicing pan-frying and saute.

    I really feel that careful reading of the various threads here is providing a wealth of information.  I believe I'm learning a lot faster that I would have otherwise.

    I'll probably continue to lurk mostly and absorb as much as I can, but I'll post now and then if I am stumped and can't find a previous thread on something, or if I've learned something that maybe helpful to another new cook.

    Thanks again for the great site.

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    Welcome to ChefTalk, Kenneth!

    Yes, the site really is a font of knowledge - and not just for those starting out on their culinary adventures - even those who are employed in a culinary trade often learn new things from other chefs on the site!  The wonder of the internet, eh?

    Feel free to join in on threads you find interesting, or start your own in the relevant forum.  Please note, though, that the Professional fora are read-only for those of us who are not presently working in a culinary trade. 

    As you have already found out - the wikis, blogs, articles, reviews and photographs on the site are all well worth spending time to view!

    Hope to see you around the boards.