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Hello everyone, just a quick first post to say hello! I am a pro chef and have a passion for fruit carving and found this site while surfing and thought it was cool enough to take a closer look at :-D
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Hi Linny! We're glad you found us. We hope you enjoy the site and share your knowledge with us. There are many features here besides the discussion board (cooking articles, wikis, photos, etc.) The Special Guest archives are chock-full of good stuff, too.

I have family in South Florida, so I get to enjoy the seafood and delicious produce of that region. I can only imagine what interesting stuff you get to work with.

I hope we see you here as often as a busy life permits.


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Surprisingly our fruit is imported from chile, mexico and dom republic. and our local things look good, but lack taste as growing season is short due to high heat . You can grow 2 times as much per year per acre  but with 1/2 taste.
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Hello, nice to meet you both! 

WOW Ed, 748 posts since April, you are quite active on this forum! I must go check out your profile!

Mezzaluna a member for over 10 years, awesome!

As far as seafood, we are totally spoiled! As far as fruit, I live in Pembroke Pines which borders Miami, so when the fruit starts getting high priced and lacking in flavor at the stores I go south to small farms in Miami and get local grow fruit, which is better in the off season and way cheaper. Ed you are right, lots of different Latin and Caribbean fruit and veggies here but that is because of our many ports which gives us better prices and tons more choices than northern states get. I run a side business carving custom fruit bowls and arrangements so finding good fruit all year is a challenge I face.
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