Hello from South America!

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Hey all,

I'm new to the forum, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Steve, I'm from Baltimore, MD and at the moment I'm living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've been here for a little over a year. Before this I lived in Spain for a year, and I've lived in a few different parts of the states too! I guess I'm a bit of a traveler. I'm considering going back to school for culinary studies, and joined the site to ask for some advice. If you want to see my question in it's full glory, head over to the Culinary Students subgroup. I would appreciate any advice that the professionals on this page can offer me.

If anyone has questions about Argentina, don't hesitate to ask!

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Howdy, and welcome. YOu've come to the right community for insights and some good discussions! I hope you get the support you need here.

Enjoy the site, and we hope you're a frequent participant.



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