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I stumbled across this wonderful site because I was searching for information on Carma chocolate. I didn't find anything except that it is part of the Barry-Callebaut group.

Anyway, I ended up really enjoying all the postings in this forum, spending the past few days just going through all the baking threads. My main interest in joining this is to learn more about baking techniques and tips from the pros here.

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Hello Barista,

Welcome to Cheftalk. There's lots to learn from the non-pros as well...:rolleyes:
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Kimmie is absolutely correct, Barista! I'll bet you won't be able to tell who are the pros and who are not. Or who's which at any given moment. ;) (Do people in the industry bounce around as much in Singapore as they do here in the States?)

What do you do there (besides mop your brow a lot)? Have you ever gotten in trouble for chewing gum?? Have you always lived there? If not, where else? What do you like to eat? To cook?

Maybe someone in Australia knows about Carma ... ?

Sorry, we're a very friendly bunch, not trying to be nosy; we just like to share, because we recognize that everyone knows something worth teaching! Welcome, and enjoy!!
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Welcome to Cheftalk!

I ditto Suzanne and Kimmie :D As for the Carma Chocolate...I am still looking for it and haven't found anything worth posting yet. :)

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dear barista,
welcome. seeing you are from singapore, perhaps you could help me out. my husband will be traveling there at the end of next month, do you have any suggestions as to where he should eat? and what he should bring me back as a gift? ;)
thank you,
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Welcome barista , I know you will enjoy this site and all the knowledge and good people here also . look foreward to your posts . Your friend in food , Doug
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I agree that there is a great wealth of imformation by non pro's,however, with all due respect, the pro's in our pastry forums are outstanding pastry chefs and have dedicated there lives to this art.
Some of the finest fingers ever to touch chocolate grace those forums with there knowledge.
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Thanks for the very warm welcome, everyone!

When I said pros, I refer to all of you (whether you're a home baker or a real working chef), since all of you have such a wide range of experience that I can learn from.

I'll try to answer the Qs here...

I'm not a chef, just an out-of-work IT professional turned wannabe chef, who also happens to sell some of my home-made cakes to friends. So I won't know if people move about a fair bit, but my guess is that they do, as much as where you are.

We can chew gum without being fined... just that we can't get them from shops here. So we load up when we travel :D I'm a Singaporean by birth and has spend my entire life here. But because of the small size of Singapore, we do travel quite a bit, both for work and leisure.

One of the favourite past-times of Singaporean is eating, the other being shopping. We're lucky to be blessed with cuisines from different cultures of the region, ranging from Chinese (75% of population), Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian, Thai. And then there are the European cuisines as well. One can go on eating different types of food for at least a week without coming back to the same.

Kat, I presume your husband will be here on business. There a lots of local eating places that one can go to, not the more touristy ones. Examples of which are Chinatown, Little India being the must visit places. There are many other local eating places that visitors may not be able to nose out. I'll be more than happy to show him around a bit if he likes.

Tiger Balm of course! It's a local ointment for easing pains and what-nots :D If you like time-pieces, this is a good place to buy them. Electronic applicances are also good buys. For more souvenirs-type gifts, there are some nice Peranakan (Straits Chinese, the results of Chinese, Malay and European cross-marriages) stores. You can get very exquisite bead sandals, that'll make you the envy of friends when you wear them!!

Phew!! That's a long reply...
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Glad to meet up with another Singpaorean,
my links with the Island State where its citizens
appear only to
and eat
has been www.Makansutra.com.

wish I was a regular visitor to Singpaore to try
all those recommmendations

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I think have it right :D. An spoken like a true Singaporean.

Being a foodie myself, I'm also a regular visitor to makansutra and I post under the nick "wei sek mao". I'm sure you know that that means.


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hi....actually im blurr and stil dont know how to chat in this forum...
can u teach me plzzz?anyone...........

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