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    I am a 24 yr old female apprentice cook working at Radisson Hotel Saskatoon. I am in my 2nd year study and have reached Half way to becoming a Chef! I love cooking from the soul and with passion. I live to learn and learn to live in my kitchen along with all my other co workers. I am the baby of the kitchen as I have never worked in a professional kitchen before. This is my first job in the industry, and I'll be turning 1 next month, 

    So far my experience in the industry has been simply amazing and greatly impacting on my new life as a kitchen cook, there is so much going on! I was awarded with a $1,500 scholarship for highest achievement in the study for my first year of culinary school by having the highest marks in both technical and practical, I was also awarded a trip to Edmonton for CCFCC 50th National Conference 2013 having to miss my graduation, but it was worth it, I am apart of the CCFCC and have already been awarded with Junior Chef of the Year for putting myself out there and being willing to learn and help in any way possible. There are lots of events to put on for the branch and I was honored they recognise me as an inspiring individual for future generations as I carry forth in my career

    I am currently gearing up for my second ever competition next month in P.A for Skills Canada. I am hoping for a trip to Toronto to compete again in June! My kitchen is a heavy competition supportive kitchen as alot of my co workers has been in and placed in competition. All my senior chefs have placed well in lots of competitions so I am fairly comfortable they will lead me to podium one day. 

    Next year will also be competition heavy as I want to do two competitions both Skills again for the final time and the CCFCC Saputo Junior Provincial Competition for the first time to win a trip to the 52nd National Conference again where ever it may be. Plus I would like to try to get a spot for the Junior Culinary Exchange Program for two weeks in the summer and also heading to classes and gearing up for Red Seal exams in June! Wow! Lots to do and get ready for! I better get back to preparation and work and studying! 

    Oh by the way. my name is Jazz! 
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    That is amazing, you go girl!  You seem to be well on your way, and we're so glad that you decided to join all of us here at Chef Talk.

    I hope that you have documented some of your journey in photos and might consider sharing those experiences with 'the class' I mean all of us here at CT.

    I'm sure that you've already checked out the Culinary Students forums, but please don't overlook the rest of the site.

    Speaking of which, please take a moment to review the FAQ and Community Guidelines; should you have questions in regards to the site itself, simply post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.

    You sound like you are a very bust gal, but I hope that you will find time to visit often and share.