Hello from San Francisco!

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 Hi all -

This looks like a wonderful community on an awesome platform. Looking forward to learning some techniques from the best. As I'm getting started though, cooking for 1 often leads to one amazing thing: leftovers.

Any tips on the best containers? I hear Snapware is quite good...

Thanks in advance!
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Leftovers! So underrated. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif If it's small, I just use those disposable (but washable) Glad containers. For bigger helpings, Pyrex pans with fitted lids are my best friend.

And hello!
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Hello, GauchoChef, and welcome to Chef Talk. Joshua - hello to you, too!

You might post your storage container question in the Equipment forum. You can also do a search there to see if someone has posted information you can use.

May your leftovers always be worth of the effort of storing and re-purposing them!
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