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    Hello, My name is Alex, i'm 19 years old and starting an apprenticeship this year. I knew abouth ''cheftalk'' for quite some time but only subscribing on "FaceBook". I cook at home since i was 7 and now i wanna follow my dream to become an full fledged Chef. I know that it's one of the most hardest jobs. But that's what my heart tell's me to do.
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    Aloha, Welcome Alex to Chef Talk, I’m so glad that you’ve found all of us.

    This is a fantastic, vibrant, eclectic community comprised of everything, INCLUDING the kitchen sink!

    Check the place out and if you have a question in regards to the site self, you can post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.  I might suggest the search bar at the top of the page since CT had been around for almost 15 years, many a topic has gone around the moon a few times. Please keep in mind that the three Professional Food Service forums are read only for those of us not employed in the industry.

    Happy Cooking!
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