Hello from Philippines

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Hi, im Aimee, a mom of three boys and married to a man who looooves food.:)
I had a certificate in cooking and baking skills but did not attend the graduation 2years ago,because i was pregnant with my last baby and was in bed rest..
I love cooking and baking and buying some new addition to my equipments from time to time.I must say Amazon is my best friend...:):peace:
My hubby and my eldest 7yo is my number one fan, they always say,they feel like eating in an expensive restaurant whenever i serve them food..Its hard feeding my family who are not vegie-eater, with a healthy and yummy food.i need to be creative all the time.
The other night i was asking a question to my hubby, and he replied, why not join some forums??...:)
So here i am...i hope to be a part of this site.:):roll:
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Hi Aimee and welcome to Chef Talk. Your husband's idea to find a forum has led you to this great place. Not only do we have the forums, but we also have photo galleries, cooking articles and so much more. Use the search tool to sift through all the discussions.

It sounds like you have an appreciative audience for your cooking.

We hope you enjoy being part of this gret online community.
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