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Morning everyone!

Wanted to drop in a quick line and introduce myself, maybe give a quick background for those interested.

So I am in my early 30s, born and raised in Brooklyn. I have been in the IT field since leaving the military in 2006. In the back of my head I've always wanted to go into culinary (if you want to chat about it, I'm more than welcome). Recently I came to the cross roads everyone comes to and decided i I was going to apply my work ethic to a field, might as well do something I have a passion for. 

Currently I have 0 experience in the culinary world, however I am going to i.c.e. in July (thanks GI-bill), and planning to leave NYC summer 2017 after graduation to destination unknown (doing research now). Once the vacations, current projects, and school ramp up I'm hoping to offer some services in exchange for culinary knowledge to take with me.


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Welcome m00chness!!!  This is a great place for those just starting their careers in the culinary field.  We have lots of professionals that can offer you plenty of sage advice.  Post your questions, jump into some of the ongoing conversations and come back often as there is always something new in the forums.
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Thanks. I snooped around this site for a few days to see if it was something that would interest me. I'm excited to get the light shown on a lot of dark areas, and to hopefully be of help to some of you guys (and gals) too
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