Hello from NYC

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I have been lurking for a while mainly reading the reviews on the knives forum as I'm interested in purchasing a new chef knife. I'm not a professional chef but love to cook at home. I own a Big Green Egg XL hence my nickname.

Looking forward to learning and sharing from this community.

- Michael
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Hi MIchael, Welcome to Cheftalk!  I hope you find this a good resource as well as an interesting site to chat with other food lovers and chefs about food. We were just in NYC in May and it was a great trip. So much to do and see, and eat! 

If you do a search on Cheftalk about Chef knives you will find several articles/threads on the subject.  Consensus from most is that you should buy in the store and not online so you can grip it in your hand and see if the grip is right for you. Good luck!

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