Hello from Norway

Joined Dec 9, 2017
I am so pleased to have found this forum, as it seems to be full of extremely knowledgeable people.

I am a woman (short and dark, btw, so I'm not fulfilling your stereotypical views of Scandinavians), and cooking has been my passion since I was born.

I love cheese, and I particularly like cooking meat/animals (confit, pâtés, stews, charcuterie, roasts ...) and fish – particularly fish soups. But I also like vegetarian and vegan cooking. And probably I eat less meat/fish than the average person, as I love vegetables, legumes and grains. I'll never, ever become a vegan or vegetarian, though, as I find it extremely odd to cut out big food groups from one's diet.


Joined Dec 12, 2017
Hi Aurora, nice to meet you! I have always wanted to visit your country. Perfect weather and ambiance for me. I'm also new in this site. Hope to share tips and ideas in the future

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