Hello from North Carolina!

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Hello from North Carolina!

Former lurker, finally joining. So first, thanks for the good advice over the years! I look forward to even more insights and information from you, and hope I have something to add to the conversation.

I have some pretty unique experience in the culinary and hospitality worlds, including work in residential and inpatient eating disorder treatment (using food, the garden and the kitchen in treatment and recovery) and with inmate culinary students, work release and post-release transition. I am most interested in the intersections of food and community, and love the way food brings people together to our common humanity and enjoyment. 

Working with culinary entrepreneurs is the primary focus of my consulting practice; I love their brilliant brains, sparky hearts, and strong stomachs. I also love designing programs and spaces to support unique culinary work, and I'm a food safety geek!

Looking forward to getting to know you!

~ Dani Black

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