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I am the Supervisor/Lead Baker at the University of Oklahoma Cafeteria (OU housing and food). So, I'm at the Caf.  I don't have an culinary degree, I would say it is a learn as you go. I use to do the desserts for the Catering part of the University, but it became too much with the Cafeteria and Catering together.  I order for the Sweet Shoppe' Display case, I make items for breakfast, and I plan for specialty meals (right now it is MIO-Made in Oklahoma) what desserts we are to make.  I have one lady that makes specialty cakes under me and another that does vegan/allergen free desserts.  I am always looking for new recipes for the vegan/allergen free, and also recipes for sugar free/NSA.


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Welcome to CHefTalk glad you joined up. On average how many students to you have to cook for each day in your division?

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