Hello from New Zealand - interested in Cakes!

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by prettycakesnina, Jul 25, 2013.

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    Very happy to have found this site.  I love cake decorating and am slowly learning the science of baking.  I would love nothing more than to train as a patisserie chef but for various reasons I am not able to.  In the meantime I learn the hard way - google and blogs are my school (and sometimes not a very good ones at that) and I have recently purchased a text book "On Baking" following someone's advice.

    It's not the same though.  I recently had a private lesson from a chocolatier to learn the art of ganache (not the microwave method, but actual infusion methods and I was told I mix wrong.  I never knew until someone watched and pointed it out.  In my experience I have found the people that are doing this for a living do not like to share.  What I wish I could find is an accelerated course in baking cakes that is several months long - not years.  Anyone willing to point me in the right direction to help me would be appreciated.

    Nina xoxo
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    Hello Nina,

    Welcome! I am sure you'll find this site enjoyable and helpful. I fell in love with it very quickly, everyone is so encouraging and knowledgeable.

    I too love baking cakes and am kind of teaching myself sugar work. I am about to embark on my first competition (low key) for a magazine in London. I guess that will really show what I’m made of.. eek.

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    Welcome, Nina! As Goldi has hinted, the professional members here are much more likely to share what they know than the those at other sites. After all, that's the basic philosophy of Chef Talk: "A food lover's link to professional chefs". True, not everyone is eager to tell you everything, but many will be happy to mentor you as best they can at a distance. We have culinary instructors who are members too, and some people are just natural teachers. 

    Since you're not (technically) a pro yet, you can't post in the professional forums (including baking and pastry) at this point, but you certainly are encouraged to read, read, read in all the professional forums! We non-pros (well, everyone, really) post in the general forums. You can also search the site for earlier threads on topics of interest. Just be sure to check the dates on the posts, as some of the conversations may have 'paused' some time ago, even years ago. It's okay to resurrect them, just be aware the participants may have moved along.

    Besides the discussion forums we have excellent cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews and the photo galleries. I hope you'll start a gallery of your work as your skills develop. You'll find some amazing things there posted by Chef Talk members.

    Good luck with your adventure! We hope you'll be a frequent visitor and contributor.