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Hi there

just joined, have been interested in food for a long time - raised in France it sort of comes naturally. In the US I have learned the health aspects as well, and no, it doesn't mean I am against fats, flours and sugars, only against *bad* ones ;D  I'm a fan of Weston A Price's approach, and have met a few great chefs in France and New York. Some also from foreign countries, China, Japan. And great home cooks from Brazil, too.

Actually my all time favorite dish is the Brazilian bouillabaisse aka  "moqueca de peixe" (funny how most recipes on the web use olive oil, an unknown ingredient in the native cookbooks till only recently).

And I generally love any foods that are made with quality ingredients, I should say it is sort of a toss between a very well prepared dish done with low quality ingredients and a basic dish done with topnotch ingredients. Some good beer,  wine, or company will make the difference then.

Looking forwards to great learning and entertaining,


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