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Hello from illinois

I am currently a SR. in high school and looking for a good culinary school to attend. At the moment im thinking of attending Le Cordon Bleu. Does anybody have any experience with this school? My only concern is that they are very expensive. Or would u suggest  any other schools?
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thanks that helps a lot. I don't think ill be attending LCB. are there any decent culinary colleges that don't coast as much as LCB??
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Check out your local community college(s).

Get a job in a local restaurant, preferably something other than a "chain" or fast food, even a local "coffee shop" or cafe or, if there are any, a little more up-scale. You will probably start in the "dish pit" or, if you're lucky, as a kitchen helper. At least you'll "get paid" while you learn.

Cooking, despite TV, etc., is still a "trade" and regardless of training or experience, you WILL start at the bottom.

IF you have the talent, dedication, and passion, you WILL "move up" consistent with your developing skills.

The 80-20 rule probably still rules, 20% of those entering the culinary trades will get 80% of the jobs and advance. The remaining 80% will stagnate and eventually find another occupation, IMHO.

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