Hello from New Hampshire

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Hello everyone. My name is Rosemary. I am a working mom from N. H. who really enjoys to cook. I love the science of cooking. I have two teenage boys and a husband who love to eat. I am of Italian heritage, from a family who is particularly obsessed with good food. Several relatives own restaurants, including one brother who is a doctor but prefers his Providence, RI restaurant over his practice. I found this site while searching for a recipe that doesn't seem to exist. I think I will enjoy the posts from so many professionals.
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Hi Rosemary, and welcome to Chef Talk. You're going to love it here, I can tell. I hope you have a good look around at the Cooking Articles, photo galleries and archives as well as the discussion forums. Just remember that the professionals' forums are 'read only' for home cooks like you and me. Still, there's a wealth of information in the decade's worth of material here!

My doctor-brother used to use his days off to cook rather than play golf where he lives in Florida. Another brother is a chef/restrateur. I guess there's a bit of a connection there!

What do you most enjoy cooking? Are there methods or foods you want to learn more about? I hope you find your recipe in spite of its mythical quality. ;)

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