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    Hello everyone, just dropping a quick note of introduction. I am a coffee curator here in Miami, Florida and work very closely with chefs to develop coffee blends for recipes (i.e. think coffee based rubs for bbq, etc.). As a curator I have a chance to work closely with other restaurant and hotel food professional and really enjoy developing solutions that make for happier patrons. I invite anyone interested in anything coffee to use me as a touchstone. ChefTalk came very highly recommended from a few chef friends and I look forward to learning more about food, food service and beyond by participating in forums. Have a great day everyone.
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    Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk.

    Wow, that really sounds like an exciting occupation, coffee curator.  I’d bet that many of the members here at CT would like to hear more about it.  There are a few coffee aficionados in our eclectic mix.

    Oh, and please do check out cheftalk.com on Face Book as well as Pinterest, amazing stuff.

    With 45,000 + members from around the world; everyone more than generous with their knowledge, I hope that you will visit often and share too.

    Once again, welcome.  (btw-uber cute avatar)