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    Hi all, I'm glad to have found this site and all of you.
    I live in central Massachusetts and work as the manager/chef of a small retirement home for the clergy.

    I've always loved to cook, probably from watching Julia and The Galloping Gourmet when I was a kid. After trying lots of different jobs, I quit work and went to cooking school.
    I've been cooking professionally since graduating 12 years ago and love to cook at home.

    My interests are seafood, (crazy about shellfish) and barbecue. I love cooking outdoors while enjoying a nice cigar and puttering in the garden.:smokin
    My other food interests are "old fashioned" types of cooking and preserving. Knowledge that grandmothers pass down from generation to generation is too often lost, I'd like to learn some of these type of things.
    As a chef and a lover of food I can never learn enough.

    I'm looking forward to learning new things here. Glad to be here.
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    Lobster Boy, this is the place for you! You have interests and culinary background similar to several of our most active members. I was particularly struck by the value you place on one's culinary heritage. Julia and the GG were my first outside culinary influences too!

    Make sure you see the cooking articles, cookbook reviews and recipes. Sign up for the e-newsletter. Browse for topics that interest you using the search feature. There's plenty to learn and enjoy here! We hope you visit to share, too.