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    Hello everybody. I am a new member and wanted to say hi and am happy to be part of the community.

    I am a professional chef (20+years) and Bed and Breakfast owner. I live on Cape Cod and enjoy organic gardening, fishing, boating, walking, foraging and creating great food and great photos! 

    I look forward to contributing to and learning from these forums.


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    Hello Madchefeast! Welcome to Chef Talk. We're very glad to have you with us. It looks like you'll find lots of people with affinities for several of your interests (gardening, fishing, foraging). Try using the search tool to find some threads that will help you pinpoint discussions and members to connect with.

    We're always glad to have members who are happy to share and learn. It's the essence of the community here. The mix of professionals and home cooks is beneficial to both. I'm constantly astounded by what I can learn from other home cooks as well as from the pros, and my own unschooled knowledge has been respected by other CT members as well. We try hard to foster that atmosphere, and it's been a successful one for 15 years.

    Please take a bit of time to browse the entire site. Besides the discussion forums we have excellent cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, photo galleries and more. In the cooking forums (Food and Cooking) there's a fun monthly feature in which an ingredient or cooking style is chosen. This month it's stews. Last month it was rice. I'm eager to learn what it'll be in November.

    We look forward to your participation here and hope you benefit from being part of the community too.


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    Welcome glad to have you. Like becoming a chef I think owning an inn has gives people a romantic idea but in truth it must be very hard work. Would love to hear more of your story about owning and running a b&b (maybe post a small article about it). 

    Glad to have you chef.