Hello From KC

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Thats right I hail from the home of the Chiefs and great BBQ. Hope to put this place to good use and learn everything I can.
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Welcome to Chef Talk, Bryan.

Once I was on a parking shuttle from the airport terminal to my car. From behind me wafted a divine aroma: barbecue! I turned around and smiled at the woman. She smiled back, but hugged the foam food container a bit closer to her.

"Barbecue!" I exclaimed. "Where have you come from?"

"Kansas City", she answered, her grin widening. I just shook my head and told her how much I'd love to go there and try some myself.

"It's worth the trip, you can be sure." Someday I will make the pilgrimage myself. :lips:

Have a plate of it for me! Make yourself at home Bryan and fill us in on what you love to cook.

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Welcome to the forums. I was born and raised in Overland Park, KS and now find myself fighting the blasphemers here in NC that claim their's is the only BBQ. As I type this I'm watching the smoker finish my thanksgiving preparations: brisket, ribs, turkey, pulled pork.
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Hey guys thanks for the welcome, currently i am trying to conquer the French omlete, only thing I have left to do is try the flipping with out making scrambled eggs. I am a big grill cooker (charcoal of course) having stuck with steaks, chicken and such. I have always loved to cook. There is nothing like preparing a good meal for friends and family and watching them devour it with smiles and ending with aching belly's. I plan to move on to Briskets, roasts, and fishes of all sorts. Those are my short term goals anyway.
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3 eggs beaten S&P, melt knob butter in pan till frothy on high heat,tip in eggs,keep moving with wooden spoon fro m outside in,fold * put under hot grill.

Add herbs,cheese,ham,anything really.

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Hello all,

I joined this forum to hopefully find out some info for KC cooking classes. My wife is a great cook and a happy stay at home mom. I'm trying to find some cooking classes here in KC and all I can find is the Culinary Institute of KC. Does anybody know of any "cooking clubs", cooking party type of classes? Something informal, hopefully not too expensive that my wife could have fun learning and meeting people? Our 11th wedding anniversary is coming up and I want to give her a certificate/coupon for her to take these classes. Any help would be appreciated.


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