Hello from Illinois

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Hi my name is Ramy Akram-Ahmed, from Illinois and I am 20 years old and have been a line cook for a year at a pretty basic pizza restaurant while I was going to school. In high school I wanted to go to culinary school but buy the time I graduated I had changed my mind to a mass media degree. After 2 years of traditional school I've realized that cooking is my true passion and have decided to work and gain experience. In the future I would like to go to culinary school not 100% on where I would like to go. my father lives over seas in Vienna so going to school in Europe is something that i would like to do, so I'm excited to meet and hear from people on here that are from all over the world. 

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Hello RAkram-Ahmed. Welcome to Cheftalk!  Follow your heart!  We live in IL too and it is too cold here! Vienna is an ideal place to live. We visited last summer and wanted to move there ourselves. I hope you find Cheftalk to be a great place for interacting with others who love food. Also we offer cookbook reviews, articles, recipes, job listings, and other great resources. Welcome! 
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