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Hello all! I have been stationed in Germany since 2010, and in Korea before that. Since my time away from the U.S. I experienced a wealth of incredible flavors. I have been inspired, at the home level, by the people and places I have met and visited.

My wife and I recently decided to delve into the world of copper cookware, ditching my old Calphalon non-stick for Mauviel 250c. We also lost our third cutting board in 5 years. Admittantly it was our fault for not properly upkeepIng them. I started to read around and came across The BoardSmith. Impressed by their work, and after writing with John my new walnut board will be on its way soon. Best wishes to David and family. Your business lives on, and an amazing one at that.

I have a set of Henkel knives I picked up nearly 7 years ago. They are decent. I have kept them sharp over the years. So far this is the only item I chose not to alter.

Currently looking for a good metal kitchen utensils. Nothing really stood out to me yet. I plan to go today to a few kitchen store to try out the ergonomics of a few brands.

I really want the 2 book Mastering French Cooking Julia Child's. I remember watching her show as a child. The problem for me is I'm nostalgic and want a first print.... But decided it was a bad investment. Does anyone know if they changed the books between the most recent printing, I think in 2009, from the original?

Now that I have some great tools on the way I am looking for a few books to help along the way. After much reading I have found a few, and am always open to recommendation.

So a lengthy introduction that was! All in all thank you all for supportive cooking community. I am looking forward to being a part of it. I may be setting back and taking things in for a while, but I hope I will be able to contribute soon.

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