Hello from Georgia

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Career change...both my sons of to college now. Did well enough feeding them & their friends and football teams, orchestras you name it. Considering culinary school
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Hi Sugatay- it's nice to meet you. Sometimes home cooks don't realize the skills they earn making meals for their families or for the occasional group of ravenous teenage boys! ;)

What aspect of the food industry are you considering? Pastry, savory, management, institutional, food styling, food writing..... such options!

We hope you enjoy visiting here to read, participate and enjoy the community.

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Hello sugatay- I'm also a culinary student in Georgia. South Georgia, what part are you in?
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I'm near Atlanta. Just moved from Sandy Springs to Marietta. I ran a sometimes up sometimes down lunch/dinner (savory?) out of home business with my former fiance for the last couple of years. I was really surprised by what I could do once I put my mind to it. Where do you study?
In another life (before children & men) I worked in the front kitchens of a couple of hotels in New Orleans...my home town. Mostly banquets or serving ...but I did have to duck a few pots thrown by really good cooks and always admired the spirit that it took to make great food consistently.
Right now, I'm seriously considering culinary school and there are so many options...just as many as my boys had before choosing a college! Could someone tell me the difference between a Professional Cooking and Culinary Arts diploma and an AOS?

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