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    I'm retired from gainfull employment, living on my small sailboat and my culinary skills are just slightly better than "can't boil water".  So I'll sling the swill from my pots and pans, but hopefully, not from my pen or keyboard.

    I've also taken up culinary knife sharpening (Edge Pro Apex) and I'm enjoying reading Boar d Laze's posts.

    Pardon me if I don't Facebook "friend", but signing up for Facebook and some of the other social media isn't part of my routine.

    Galley Swiller
  2. ed buchanan

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    Depending on where boat is, just toss a line over and catch dinner. Great way to live as far as I am concerned.

         There are many real small sailboats here in Florida that do this. Plus if neighborhood changes , just move the boat to another location. your choice.
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    Welcome Galley Swiller! You won't be at the "little better than can't boil water" level for long if you hang out here for any length of time. There are too many helpful, skilled people here for that to continue, not the least of which is Chef Ed. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/bounce.gif

    I'm a home cook myself and gained a lot of confidence and new skills here over the years. You can learn everything from how to boil an egg (the latest technique is to put them in the oven) to how to open a durian fruit (start by taking a clothespin to your nostrils). The professionals and the home cooks are generous in their advice. The site has 13+ years worth of conversations, articles, cookbook and equipment reviews and photos, so using the search tool is a good place to start looking for topics of interest. I believe our members are the richest resource here; I hope you get into the mix, as you have already in the knife forum, and get to know more of the many tens of thousands of us here.

    Wishing you calm seas, favorable winds, reasonable mooring fees and good fishing,