Hello From Florida's West Coast!

Joined Sep 21, 2016
Hello! Cooking has been my life long passion. I was taught by my Nana who use to visit us when I was little and I use to watch her in the kitchen trying to learn everything that I could and then when I was in my early 20's, I met her sister - my great Aunt Judy who lived on the side of a mountain in West Virgina. I would stand in the kitchen with her watching and watching. She rarely measured when she cooked the same as my Nana. I am a true southern cook but I do cook many, many other foods as well. I have just recently acquired my business name and license which I am very proud of. I offer the services of personal chef and hope to someday very soon quit my day job at the hospital that I work at and move to the mountains of North Carolina where my husband and I are happiest :)
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