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Hello everyone. I was reading a bit over here and enjoyed what I saw.

I live in Flanders the dutch-speaking part of Belgium, at just a 10 minutes drive from France.

Retired advertising guy (age 60) with a passion for food. 


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Welcome welcome. I would love to be a retired guy living 10 minutes from France. ha ha. Look forward to hearing your food and cooking  experiences living in Europe. 
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Hello and let me add my welcome to Nicko's. I'm somewhat familiar with your region, having made several visits to Douai in the '80s and again in the late1990s. It's a beautiful region, and I always felt welcome wherever I went. I have a cookbook which focuses on foods of your regions (it's written in French). Hm... now that the weather is turning cooler, maybe it's time for Carbonnades a la Flammande..... /img/vbsmilies/smilies/licklips.gif. Chris, I have a recipe question for you, which I'll post in the Recipes forum.



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