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Hi I have been a wife and mother and a server for quite a  few years. I have been dieting and have recently lost 27 pounds ya me!!!

I have been on a high protein low carb diet. I also excercise

Looks like a very informative board
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Hi Carolyn! Welcome to the board.  I think you will find this the most informative board on cooking around
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 Let me add my greetings to MissyJean's! Congratulations on your weight loss. As one who's always had to watch the carbs, I salute you. If you use the search tool here you may find some recipes or discussions on the subject. Be sure to explore all the forums as well as the wikis, articles and more.

Good luck in your quest to stay healthy, and welcome to Chef Talk.
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Hi and welcome to CT.

Wow! that a 1lb off 2 stones. Total koudos to you. What diet are you following? sounds like slimming world, or the canadian airforce diet.

So, what do you really love to eat, cook?  And how do you incorporate it into family cooking?

Please pass on your tips and let us know how you're doing. There will probarbly be folk here who can benefit from your experience and also pass on advice to you.

Did you find it diffiult to start excercising?   Did you wait till ud lost weight first?

Aside from the diet, What are your culinary interests?  Do Share

Looking forward to hearing from you
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Hi and thanks all for the welcomes!

First of all if I can lose weight anyone can!! and for me it is a lifestyle change!!!

which means smaller meals more frequent grilled chicken, steamed vegetables. I stay away from bread, cereals, rice........I have been following a low glycemic diet.

It is very filling and I do not feel I am being deprived.

I enjoy walking for around 45 minutes a few times a week, along with gardening

Drink water and more water

I am no fitness guru but I have made my mind up in this diet/lifestyle change and it has helped.

I will be turning 48 soon and I do not want to be overweight as I reach my 50's

As for cooking I am not a chef but I have a  few meals that I do well as I am told. They are Lasagna, chicken pot pie, chicken noodle soup, apple and pecan pie for desert
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