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I have just joined the ChefTalk site and would like to say a few words to introduce myself.

I have lived on Long Island my entire life.  I have always had a penchant for the culinary arts.  After graduating high school in 1983, I went off to Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island.  As I was extremely "green" at that time in my life, the sudden culture shock, responsibilities, and having been truly away from my family for the first time (I led a very sheltered life up until then) threw me for a loop.  I came home after completing only one year of my studies at the culinary school.

I have been working in the IT field ever since getting my head back together.  I am currently unemployed and am looking to get back into the culinary field.  As such, I am looking into acquiring certification from a local school so that I might be able to eventually achieve this goal.

I love cooking and, especially, baking.  My mother installed most of this and I currently love cooking for my family almost every night.  I even now find myself asking (myself) what can I cook next?  I am even considering starting my own food truck business but, of course, this is still a way off.  I am currently focusing on getting a stable job so that I might better improve my family's living conditions.

Obviously, there is so much more to me than this little bit of information but as I stated, I am someone who loves to cook and feel that I have, at least, some talent.  I am looking forward to discovering what my life will bring to me in the not too distant future and I also look forward to hearing from all of you at ChefTalk.

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