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    Hello Everyone,
    I have almost a year studying culinary arts at Costa Rica and i only have 1 year to go to became a cook, i have to deal with culinary school and work as a tourist guide, so spend most of my time checking on recipes and articles about all i can learn, but sometimes is not enough you know like when they give you a mango and cheddar cheese to make a sauce and of course you cant use anything else (BTW this was my sauce 2 class  last test and i almost fail it... got a B or a 80)... hope to learn from others experience here and to make some questions and get them answered...

    English is not my native language sorry for my bad writing

    Pura Vida
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    Welcome notachefyet! I hope you will soon ask us to change your name to something that proudly tells everyone that you are, indeed, a chef. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif

    Please don't worry that English is not your first language. Your writing is quite good! Our members are from all over the world and speak many, many languages. We respect the effort it takes to participate here in a second- or third, or fourth!- language. No worries. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

    If you are a student you will want to read and search in the Culinary Students forum and the other discussion forums, but also take some time to read the rest of the Chef Talk site. There are wonderful cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews and photo galleries. You may want to post photos of your creations, too, as you advance in your studies. 

    Please understand that the professional forums are okay for you and all who are not (yet) chefs to read, but please do not post there until you have completed your studies and have become a professional chef. Until then, please post questions in the general forums only. The professionals will read them and answer them, as everyone visits the general forums. 

    We hope you enjoy being part of Chef Talk and that you visit often to learn and to share your experiences. 

    Welcome- bienvenida!

    Pura Vida--

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    Welcome we are glad to have you. Look forward to learning more about your cuisine.