Hello from Colorado

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I live in Upper Colorado, about a half-hour from the Wyoming border. I’m an old guy (just went on Medicare, and is that a shock to say out loud). I debated somewhat on what to say my level of experience is, as at one time I was the food editor for a small group of newspapers and did a weekly column. I still do a blog now and then, and have one I just started that I think I’ll enjoy. I chose to just say “cook at home”, because that’s really all I do on a regular basis, with wildly variable results. I’ve worked in the food industry for over twenty years and still work part time as a consultant on formulation (recipe) systems. This looks like a great forum. I think I’ll get a lot out of it.

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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk!
There are various skill levels here, from the basic 'can't boil water' to someone like me who just loves to cook at home and takes lots of cooking courses, as well as the professional caterers and chefs.

I hope you will feel able to contribute on these boards and enjoy reading some of the older articles, too.
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