Hello from Chicago

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Greetings everyone.
I am an Executive Chef still facinated with food history and science. When the conditions are right, usually I can be found fresh water fishing, or walking in the woods.
I've never participated in an arena like this. The conversations I have perused the last two days on this site, have been funny or informative. Just my cup o' tea/joe/wine.
Like I said, I'm new to this sort of thing and am not sure of the meanings linked to the smiley faces or icons.
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Greetings Foodbridge,
What kind of fish do you catch, im a specemin carp & catfish man, thats over 20 & 25lbs .
The smiley faces & stuff are emoticons & just a bit of fun.
Welcome again.

Oh food science, I like what French laundry, el Bulli & The Fat Duck are doing in US , Spain & UK. these guys are giants.
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Welcome Foodbridge. We're glad you found us, and will be eager to learn from you. What intrigues you most about food and cooking? What are your food passions?

The icons/emoticons are what substitute for facial expressions and tones of voice. Move your cursor over them slowly and the expression will pop up. They can also be entered with keystrokes, but you can also click on them. They will place themselves at the end of the message; you can cut and paste them anywhere in your message for the effect you seek. Have fun with them!

A toast to one of our newest members! :beer:

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