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hi everyone. ive been a staff caterer here in chatt for a while. i still do it some, but i recently took a job with a software developer. recently, we started creating a software project for an A/V company to track their inventory and generate sales quotes using mobile devices. I took a look at what we were developing and realized that it could also be really applicable for caterers. especially caterers that have multiple events going on at once.

I want to develop this product more for caterers, and thought this would be a good place to find people to talk about developing it. most of the software out there ive seen for this kind of thing is WAAAY to expensive for most caterers, so i aim to fix that. if anyone is interested in talking to me about developing this and being in the beta test, please let me know. I know how hectic things can get, and im all about making work easier.

nice to meet everyone. howdy!

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Welcome to Chef Talk, Andrew. I'm sure you'll find interest in this topic, and I hope you also find lots more to interest you here: cooking articles, wikis, photos and more.

I will caution you, however, to re-read our Community Guidelines as they relate to promoting a service or product here. I understand you want feedback from this demographic, but please be careful in that regard. Home cooks (like me) and those not working in the field professionally can read all we wish in the Professionals' forums, but we mustn't post there; the moderators are pretty focused on that. Everyone is welcome to post in the General forums, and we hope you will, too.

Did you have a specialty in your catering business? Are there dishes or ingredients you still enjoy working with? Regional or international cuisines you enjoy exploring?

This is a wonderful community, and I hope you enjoy being part of it. Good luck in your new venture.


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thanks for the welcome, mezzaluna. i have no intentions of posting in the professional forums. i figured general would be the place for me. mostly as a caterer i was running food, tending bar, all those things. leg work and what not. i cook at home quite a bit though, so ill be definitely participating in those talks.  nice to meet everyone.

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