Hello from California

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I am thinking about a career change into the culinary career, specifically in the pastry chef field.

I have so many things to think about, and questions... I was hoping I would find people on this site who's been in the business to share some of their experiences with me.

I've been in the computer software business for over 3 years, and just don't find it right for me. I love food, pastries and LOVE cooking. I want to work with people in a more personal level, and I love pleasing people with my food.

I am looking into a couple culinary schools in Northern California, the Culinary Academy in San Francisco, and the Culinary Institute in Pasedena.

If any of you out there are going to those school, or have graduated from them, please share some of your experinces with me. :)
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Welcome to ChefTalk! There are quite a few students and students-to-be around here. Be sure to drop by the Culinary Students form for some info.
Again, welcome to ChefTalk. All the best with your future schooling!
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